Bali Elevator Accident

[VIDEO] Bali Elevator Accident: The Tragedy Of Five People Killed

Both locals and foreign visitors were horrified by the recent Bali Elevator Accident at the Ayuterra Resort. The event is a heartbreaking warning that safety precautions in well-known tourist areas should never be disregarded. Questions about whether the incident may have been avoided via consistent safety inspections and adherence to established rules are raised as investigations continue. The incident has repercussions for Bali’s tourist sector as a whole in addition to the victims and their families. It is necessary to implement stricter safety measures in order to prevent occurrences like this one. Visit HICC for further information and the most recent updates on this and other safety-related topics. In an effort to raise awareness and foster a culture of safety in tourist destinations all over the globe, our platform provides expert perspectives and analyses on a range of safety issues.

First Developments About Bali Elevator Accident

Five individuals were killed after an outside elevator malfunctioned and fell down a ravine at a high-end resort in Bali. The case is now under investigation by police.

In Ubud, a hamlet in Bali’s highlands famous for its valleys and terraced rice terraces, the mishap took place at the Ayuterra Resort.

Five individuals are seen in the incident’s YouTube video entering the glass elevator, which operates on an inclined track similar to a funicular. The elevator begins to gently rise before fading out of view. A few seconds later, it returns and begins to descend the track quickly.

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Bali Elevator Accident
Bali Elevator Accident

Tragedy Bali Elevator Accident: The Elevators Shoots Out At The End Of The Track

At the end of the track, the elevator ejects itself, falling into the valley below.

The five fatalities were all young hotel employees. Local activists are outraged by their deaths and urging the tourist sector to put its workers’ health and safety first, according to the Bali Sun.

Sang Putu Bayu Adi Krisna, 19, Wayan Aries Setiawan, 23, Ni Luh Superningsih, 20, Kadek Hardiyanti, 24, and Kadek Yanti Pradewi, 19, have been named as the victims.

Three of the employees passed away after being taken to a hospital, while the other two perished at the spot.

The elevator that tragically malfunctioned was intended to transport personnel and visitors from the hotel’s higher floors to the resort’s amenities, which were located on a lower level. The glass elevator is renowned as having a “Instagrammable experience at the hotel,” according to the Bali Sun.

Bali Elevator Accident
Bali Elevator Accident

The Main Cause Of The Bali Elevator Accident

According to local media reports from Ubud Police Chief Made Uder about Bali Elevator Accident, the disaster happened when the wire hauling the elevator broke. Police are currently looking into the circumstances surrounding the disaster, namely why there weren’t any additional safety features that may have stopped the elevator from plunging through the track’s end and down the ravine.

“This accident could not have been prevented,” Uder told reporters on Monday. “The steel swing rope was not strong enough to pull the weight upwards, which was quite heavy, and the safety wedge or brake did not function.” “As a result, the five passengers in the elevator died.”

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While the inquiry and time of grieving for the five deaths continue, all of the Ayuterra Resort’s visitors have been transferred to alternative lodgings.

According to an allegation that the hotel owner had cut the number of elevator cables from three to one, which may have led to the tragedy, local police chief Ketut Widiada stated on Wednesday that detectives are looking into the claim.

According to the Bali Tribun, the elevator was seen in 2019 using three cables, but only one was in operation at the time of the tragedy.

Bali Elevator Accident
Bali Elevator Accident

Witnesses Recount Bali Elevator Accident And Compensation Of The Resort

Ketut Suwiarta, a resort chef, told local media that he saw his five coworkers enter the Bali Elevator Accident before hearing shouting and smashing noises, according to the Guardian.

The relatives of the fatalities each got around $14,000 in compensation via Indonesia’s social security organization, known as BPJS Ketenagakerjaan, for the workplace disaster, according to local publication Kumparan.

Linggawati Utomo, the hotel’s owner, allegedly promised the families of the employees $4,000 to pay burial expenses and an extra $500 if they agreed not to sue the establishment.

The pledge to refrain from suing the resort was signed by at least one family. One of the victims’ uncles informed Kumparan that even if they sued the company, “our child can’t come back anyway,” yet he claimed to still believe “in the law of karma.”

FULL Video About Bali Elevator Accident

Conclusion Of Bali Elevator Accident

The terrible Bali Elevator Accident at Bali’s Ayuterra Resort serves as a somber reminder of the perils that might be present even in the most ideal tourist destinations. Millions of people go to these locations because of the appeal of the breathtaking landscape and unique experiences, but it is essential to keep in mind that safety should never be sacrificed. There is a strong consensus among victims, bereaved families, local officials, and tourist safety experts that more has to be done to prioritize safety and avoid future tragedies of this magnitude. In addition, regularly visit HICC to update newest information on social network of us.

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