Drew Barrymore show strike

Drew Barrymore Show Strike Goes Viral On Twitter

Drew Barrymore finds herself at the center of a brewing controversy that has stirred up the entertainment industry. While her actions may not breach the rules set forth by SAG-AFTRA amid the ongoing strike, they have certainly ruffled feathers within the Writers Guild of America (WGA). Let’s find out ful story of Drew Barrymore show strike with Hicc.vn

An Introduction To Drew Barrymore Show Strike


Drew Barrymore is not breaking the rules of the SAG-AFTRA strike by continuing to host her daily talk show, but she is in trouble with the Writers Guild of America (WGA).

Even though writers and actors are on strike, shooting for “The Drew Barrymore Show” has resumed, which has made the show’s writers upset. Monday, they protested outside the studio to show how unhappy they were with the choice. In a post on Twitter, the Writers Guild of America East said, “The Drew Barrymore Show is a WGA-covered, struck show that plans to come back without its writers.”

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Drew Barrymore show strike
Drew Barrymore show strike

What Will Come Next With Drew Barrymore Show Strike

The Guild has and will continue to picket shows that are being made during the strike even though they are on strike. WGA strike rules say that any writing on “The Drew Barrymore Show” is against the rules.

One of the three writers who were picketing outside of CBS’s offices, Chelsea White, was upset that the network decided to keep the show going. She said, “I think this is bigger than the three of us who write for The Drew Barrymore Show.” It’s too bad that the show is coming back because it shows that union writers are not important.

And it goes against what the WGA, SAG-AFTRA, and all the other unions are trying to do to stand up to the greedy companies by working together. A representative for CBS Media Ventures told Rolling Stone, “The Drew Barrymore Show will not do any writing work that the WGA strike covers.”

Drew Barrymore show strike
Drew Barrymore show strike

Last week, CBS said that the fourth season of the popular afternoon talk show will start on Monday, September 18. According to the SAG-AFTRA strike rules, Barrymore is officially allowed to film the daytime talk show because guild contracts for talk shows were renewed last year.

But The Drew Barrymore Show also hires people from the Writers Guild of America, and making the show without these writers would be unethical. When the show’s writers aren’t there, it’s possible that producers and other staff members will step in to do things like write jokes, prepare interview questions, and write the opening monologue, which are usually done by guild members.

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Responses Toward Drew Barrymore Show Strike

Critics online have said that Barrymore and the other people who worked to bring the show back during the writers’ strike were scabs. Scabs are workers who don’t join a union strike or who do the jobs of striking workers. Bradley Whitford tweeted about Barrymore’s choice, saying “we’ll never forget it,” while his West Wing co-star Joshua Malina called it “utter horseshit.”

Another writer for The Drew Barrymore Show, Liz Koe, said that she thought the situation was “complicated.” She talked about how much Barrymore cared about the show, its cast, crew, and writers. Koe thinks that Barrymore made the best choice she could under the circumstances, and she said that coming out to picket is a group effort, not a personal one.

Drew Barrymore show strike
Drew Barrymore show strike

Two people who were meant to be in the audience for Monday’s show said on social media that they were asked to leave when staff saw that they were wearing WGA pins that were given to them by protesters outside the studio. One of the people in the audience, Dominic Turiczek, said that he and his friend joined the picket after being kicked out of the crowd. He said, “If they think we’re part of the strike, then we might as well be.”

In a written Instagram post on Sunday, Barrymore talked about the show’s return and took credit for the choice. She said she was committed to not talking about or pushing struck movies and TV, and she talked about how the show helped people connect and make sense of hard times.

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Drew Barrymore show strike
Drew Barrymore show strike

When the writers went on strike for the first time in May, Barrymore stepped down as host of the MTV Movie & TV Awards to show her support for them. She said that writers should be respected and that everything that is honored in movies and TV comes from their creativity. She decided to wait and watch the awards from home because she wanted a quick answer.

Conclusion for Drew Barrymore Show Strike

In conclusion, Drew Barrymore’s decision to continue hosting “The Drew Barrymore Show” amid the ongoing strike has ignited a significant controversy, particularly within the Writers Guild of America (WGA). While her actions technically do not contravene SAG-AFTRA strike regulations, they have clearly struck a chord with the writers, who have vehemently expressed their disapproval by staging protests outside the studio.

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