DWTS Cast Leak

DWTS Cast Leak: Sharna Burgess Partner Speculation Sparks It Up

Is the DWTS Cast leak real? As the much-anticipated 19th season of Dancing With the Stars gets closer, DWTS fans have been treated to a whirlwind of leaks and rumors about the new group. PureDWTS is in charge of keeping fans up to date, so the excitement keeps growing. Sharna Burgess’s dance partner is the latest news, which seems to have filled out the list of famous people for the upcoming season. Let’s figure it out with Hicc.vn.

Where Did DWTS Cast Leak Come From?

DWTS Cast Leak
DWTS Cast Leak

Now, PureDWTS has also revealed Sharna’s dance partner, which seems to round out the list of famous people for the next season. Will the full list of DWTS group members that was leaked turn out to be true? Given the track record of these sources, it’s unlikely that anything will change from the list that was leaked. Will fans be excited to see this group hit the dance floor?

As Season 19 of Dancing With the Stars gets closer, DWTS cast leaks are making a lot of people excited and looking forward to it. Most DWTS spoilers about the cast have already come out before Thursday’s public announcement. But one mystery couple had not been talked about. A picture that the show recently posted on Instagram is now making people think and guess. What’s the most recent news?

Leaks about the DWTS cast from Twitter user @DWTSGossip, the website PureDWTS, and other sources have already named 12 of the 13 couples, and the information seems to be pretty accurate. Janel Parrish from “Pretty Little Liars,” Lea Thompson from “Back to the Future,” Sadie Robertson from “Duck Dynasty,” and Alfonso Ribeiro from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” among others, have been seen on the dance floor. In addition to race car driver Michael Waltrip and Olympian Lolo Jones, the cast also includes a YouTube star and a fashion designer, making for a varied and interesting group.

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DWTS Cast Leak, Different Versions

DWTS Cast Leak
DWTS Cast Leak

Up until this time, Sharna Burgess was the only professional dancer whose partner hadn’t been leaked through the DWTS cast leaks. She was added at the last minute. Now, fans of Dancing With the Stars have a picture to look at because the show shared a DWTS spoiler on Instagram. Who is Sharna’s partner? That’s the big question on everyone’s mind.

DWTS Cast Leak
DWTS Cast Leak

The Instagram post has ignited a flurry of guesses, with many speculating whether her partner could be Darius Rucker, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley, Sinbad, or CeeLo Green. However, considering CeeLo Green’s recent legal issues and Twitter controversy, it’s likely that he will stay off the radar for a while. Some even ventured to guess Kanye West, though that doesn’t appear to be the correct answer either. Fans had guessed names like John Stamos, Michael Sam, Nash Overstreet, and Rob Lowe before the picture came out, but PureDWTS put an end to all of those ideas. Could any of these newest speculations be accurate? It doesn’t seem possible.

DWTS Cast Leak
DWTS Cast Leak

According to @DWTSGossip, it appears that Sharna Burgess may be partnered with radio and talk show host Tavis Smiley. As of right now, Smiley’s Twitter page doesn’t show any signs that he’ll be on this season of Dancing With the Stars, and none of the other trusted DWTS cast leak sources have said anything about these rumors.

With the DWTS cast leaks already circulating and the official announcement set for Thursday, which couple do you think is likely to shine brightly this season? Many people are looking forward to seeing Witney Carson and Alfonso Ribeiro perform, while others are betting on Val Chmerkovskiy and Janel Parrish. Although it doesn’t seem like any couple will enjoy the same level of favoritism as Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis did last season, perhaps that will make this season even more captivating.

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Opinions on the Season 19 cast are varied, with some expressing underwhelm while others are excited about the names that have been revealed. The addition of Julianne Hough as a fourth judge adds another layer of anticipation, and the dancing extravaganza is set to kick off on Monday, September 15. What are your thoughts on the DWTS cast leaks thus far? Is Tavis Smiley indeed Sharna Burgess’ partner?

Our conclusion for DWTS Cast Leak

The anticipation surrounding the DWTS cast leak has reached a fever pitch as we eagerly await the 19th season of Dancing With the Stars. With PureDWTS at the helm of keeping fans informed, the excitement continues to mount. The revelation of Sharna Burgess’s dance partner appears to have filled in the missing piece of the celebrity puzzle for the upcoming season. The burning question remains: will the leaked list of DWTS cast leak prove to be accurate?

Given the consistent track record of these insider sources, it’s a safe bet that the leaked roster is likely to remain unchanged. As fans gear up to witness this diverse and captivating group grace the dance floor, the countdown to the grand premiere on September 15th is on.

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