Love Surge Video

Viral Love Surge video receive various emotional response on TikTok

A heartfelt reaction has been issued by a TikToker in response to the vitriol she and her partner have experienced regarding their Love Surge video, which has been widely mocked across various social media platforms. Let’s figure everything about this trend with

Love Surge Video Original Version

As TikTok has developed into a popular medium for sharing any and all films that come to one’s thoughts, there are bound to have been a handful that the internet as a whole has collectively mocked, regardless of whether or not they were justified in doing so.

The most recent illustration of this phenomena is provided by TikTok fans Lilianna Wilde and Sean Kolar, who spoke about their encounters with ‘love surges.’ During these odd occurrences, the couple would visibly’shake’ with excitement before pulling each other into a loving embrace.

The initial post that Lilianna made about this was on TikTok; nevertheless, it immediately went to other platforms, where various critics voiced their opinions. Some of these critics suggested that it discouraged them from seeking romantic relationships.

TikTok Struggles to Defend Love Surge Video Against Online Abuse

Love Surge Video
Love Surge Video

Lilianna made the decision to remove the video after receiving a barrage of critical comments, despite the fact that the original video had received millions of views. She did not remove the other video, in which she made light of the fact that viewers had been warned about the embarrassing material and continued to post it online.

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On the other hand, she just published an emotional video in which she responds to the overwhelming criticism that the initial video garnered. “I had no idea that the video would elicit such a barrage of negative comments,” the speaker said. I found myself laughing along with the others throughout a good number of the duets and stitches because they were actually funny. “I can take a joke, and I can even laugh at myself, but then some of the comments became downright cruel,” Wilde stated, stressing the fact that some comments had crossed the line from joking into abusive territory. Wilde was referring to the fact that certain comments had gone beyond joking and into abusive territory.

“If your goal was to make me feel discouraged, then you were successful,” she said. You have prevailed.

The Unexpected Reaction Toward Love Surge Video

Love Surge Video
Love Surge Video

While many of the comments offered the TikToker their support, some couldn’t resist the temptation to add their own jokes to the conversation. “Love surge will mend a despondent surge,” one commenter wryly joked. “There are certain people in this world who are extraordinarily cruel, and it can be difficult to simply brush aside their actions at times. Another person joined in and said, “Love surge is undeniably cringeworthy, but it’s also one of a kind and truly special.”

Although the original video clip has been taken down, parodies of it are still being shared on various social media platforms, as was indicated earlier.

Conclusion for Love Surge Video

In conclusion, the Love Surge video that TikTokers Lilianna Wilde and Sean Kolar shared has gotten a lot of attention on social media, both from people who love it and from people who hate it. Even though the internet is known for having many different responses to material, the backlash against this video surprised even the people who made it.

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In an emotional response video, Lilianna Wilde talked about how surprised she was by how many bad comments and criticisms the first video got. Even though she could enjoy humor and laugh at herself, the hurtful and abusive words hurt her deeply. This shows how there is a thin line between harmless online talk and behavior that could hurt someone.

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