The decision to include reinforced concrete was made in part after observing in other local buildings the need for basic skills training.

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The revolution in building techniques will echo the revolution that occurred with the invention of steel and of reinforced concrete.
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By the 1920s the choice of reinforced concrete for major structures in earthquake zones was so common as to be axiomatic.
Having abandoned traditional masonry construction, he employs reinforced concrete to create autonomous volumes with an intense spatial quality.
It is modern materials, iron and then steel and reinforced concrete, which require modern structural analysis.
Within the massive volume, also of reinforced concrete, is carved a fluid yet labyrinthine landscape, organized around a system of two-way waffle slabs with regularized parallelogram waffles and shear walls.
Our second example, more specifically related to the twentieth century, relies on the inversion ofweight distribution by means of pilotis in steel or reinforced concrete.
For the specified objectives and loadings, a two-bay two-storey reinforced concrete frame structure has been selected by the structural designer and on-site construction of the structure by the construction planner.
For the early modernists, this question was redefined when the rise of the steel frame and then reinforced concrete dissolved the traditional relationship between structural solid and void.
The internal diameter will be 3·6m while the reinforced concrete walls will be 200mm thick, giving an overall diameter of 4m.
Does he not realise that reinforced concrete bars are often designed by the person who supplies the bars and that the price includes the design?

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The demolition of the structure, which is of reinforced concrete, would require a great deal of money.
As to the nature of possible defects, we foresee a process of gradual deterioration of the reinforced concrete structural members.





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